Patterned Concrete

$150,000 Capital Required

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Our future welfare and well-being of our families depend on the quality of the work we do. We have chosen concrete out of all the construction materials of the earth as the one in which to specialize. We have done this because we feel that concrete is a material of integrity. Mixed and placed with understanding hands, concrete will not fail.


Concrete builds a safe pathway for the darting miracles of steel, chromium and glass which links our cities and town. For the home owners and architects whom we serve, concrete is a design medium with which they can create structures of beauty and charm of rare delicacy and sturdy utility. Future generations will enjoy the things we of today have created with concrete for it is a material of integrity and will endure. Because we respect and love this material, we can serve our country, community and those to come after us by doing our work intelligently and honestly, thus creating useful things that endure.




During our 40 years in business, Patterned Concrete® Industries, Ltd. has trained and inspired many to choose a career in the architectural and decorative concrete industry. We continue to thrive and move forward by offering franchising opportunities across North America. Patterned Concrete® offers custom manufactured and trademarked tools for stamped concrete to our trained professionals. Being a part of our team means having the backing you need, the marketing support to assist in your growth and access to decades of experience at your fingertips.


The opportunity for the right individual is available in many territories across North America. What that means to you is merging with like-minded contractors who believe in delivering the highest quality of architectural concrete in the industry. In the fast paced world of concrete, Patterned Concrete® will assist you in building your business. Set yourself apart as a Patterned Concrete® Franchisee Contractor!




Here’s what you can look forward to as a franchise owner to grow your decorative and stamped concrete business:

  • Part of a branded business with solid history
  • Increased income producer
  • Seasonal work, allowing time to work on your business and time to spend with your family
  • Backed by decades of experience
  • Family atmosphere, assistance 24/7
  • On-the-job marketing and pre-formatted marketing strategies
  • Technical support
  • Financial assistance and quote development
  • Full training for you and your team
  • Proven business success
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Top in your field
  • Work with a sustainable material
  • Franchise manager dedicated to your success
  • Trademarked tools
  • Ongoing research and development
  • National and international advertising
  • Tradeshow representation




Each Patterned Concrete® Contractor is guaranteed and granted an exclusive territory in which to locate and conduct business operations. Patterned Concrete® International Territorial Rights are normally defined by geographical region.  and/or country. Under certain conditions, International Territory Rights may be extended to select adjacent countries or regional areas. Exclusive territories don’t overlap, so you’re guaranteed not to complete with other franchises.




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